Recycling Consultation

Whether you need to establish a recycling program in your facility or you are in need to revamp your current service, Enviro-Max supplies you with a consultation that will identify a plan that will work specifically for you. Your facility may be getting over serviced and therefore paying for unnecessary pick ups or under serviced and you are constantly having overflow problems. Enviro-Max fixes these issues and helps lay out the best plan for your needs. Recycling is something every facility can easily participate in. Many benefits are developed when a recycling program is founded such as money saved, recyclable rebates, positive media recognition, LEED, Energy Star certification etc.

Mt. Vernon School

Mt. Vernon School Corporation RFP Recycling Fortville, IN

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Refrigerant Recycling

Recover, Recycle, Reclaim Refrigerant

Certified by the EPA, InSolution makes it easy for you and your business to safely and easily recycle your recovered refrigerant. Please contact us to learn about refrigerant buy back programs made easy for your business.

As a result of an international agreement to phase out ozone-depleting chemicals, the federal EPA is forcing a steady reduction of R22 refrigerant over the next 7 years, with production ceasing altogether in 2020.

With production of R22 gradually being reduced, the laws of supply and demand are increasing its prices markedly. Some experts predict a double price increase this summer. The rising cost of R22 refrigerant means that you and your customers will continually be paying more money, but there is a way for you to stay competitive in the market.
InSolution is certified by the EPA as a refrigerant reclaimer. We take your recovered refrigerant, recycle it, reclaim it and sell it back to you at a competitive price, cheaper than market value. InSolution wants to help your business keep your refrigerant “in your hands”. With InSolution’s Refrigerant Buy Back Program we will give you a significant savings per pound that will keep you competitive in your industry.


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