Rebates and Incentives

Rebates and Incentives Rebates and Incentives

Enviro-Max assists all of our qualifying customers with rebates and incentives. Rebates for upgrading or retrofitting facilities are available to almost any tax paying customer. Enviro-Max provides a proposal that includes all incentive and rebate offers including but not limited to, state/federal tax rebates i.e. 179D, your local utility company or co-op, third party branches such as Energize Indiana , EPACT – Energy Policy Act 2005 , Federal Assistance .

Enviro-Max has proven success with attaining rebate money from utility companies, and the federal and state government. Since the Energize Indiana program started Enviro-Max has been the number 1 trade alley in rebate money and the highest total savings for therms and kWh. Enviro-Max was also granted the same award from the Vectren utility. Below is a letter from Mike Huber – Vectren’s Gas Conservation Manager.


October 23, 2013

David Andress


Enviro-Max, Inc.

5157 East 64th Street, Suite A

Indianapolis, IN 46220

Dear Mr. Andress,

Vectren Energy Delivery of Indiana would like to thank Enviro-Max, Inc. for their support of the Vectren Conservation Connection Program. The continued success of the program is due to the participation of trade allies such as Enviro-Max. By encouraging your customers to make upgrades to their natural gas equipment or install efficiency measures you have demonstrated your commitment to the promotion of energy efficiency.

Enviro-Max has been a leader in the promotion of our Conservation Connection Program. This year alone, Enviro-Max has submitted projects totaling over 150,000 therms of energy savings. A project such as the recently completed installations of a “Rack” air rotation system for the Phoenix Group in Columbus, Indiana is an example of the value that Enviro-Max brings to its customers. This project saved the customer 38,924 therms of natural gas.

We would like to congratulate you on your outstanding performance and we look forward to your continued participation in the program.

With Sincere Thanks,

Mike Huber

Mike Huber

Gas Conservation Manager

Enviro-Max provides turnkey work to implement the upgrades to your facility. Many times after rebates are taken into account your ROI (Return on Investment) is less than 12 months.


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