Lighting Upgrades (All Facilities)

At Enviro-Max, we understand that all customers have individual needs and desires for their lighting needs. We are here to work next to our customers to be sure that they are getting the most out of their lighting. We will do any or all of what the customer would like to get energy effecient lights in their facility.

Enviro-Max has experience in all types of industrial and commercial facilies. Enviro-Max has done new warehouses, as well as the most difficult Industrial facilities all over the country.

As part of an Enviro-Max lighting upgrade, we will also talk with customers about motion sensors and daylight harvesting. Enviro-Max can help you use lights when you need them, and be sure that they are turned off when you dont.

    In house, Enviro-Max can do all or any stage(s) of a lighting upgrade based upon customer needs:
  • Rebate paperwork (energizing Indiana, and all other utiltiy rebates available)
  • Prescriptive or Custom Rebates for LED
  • Grant Funding if available for your facility
  • Installation
  • and if needed, use Shared Savings

Don't hesitate to ask Enviro-Max for help on your next lighting upgrade whether to save energy, or to help better illuminate any area.

Click here to see an Example of an Enviro-Max success at Industrial Facility .

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