Enviro-Max is the industry leader in the HVAC Service Industry. Dave Andress started a contracting HVAC firm, Ace-Air, Inc. in 1990. In 2010 Andress started the turn-key engineering design-build firm, Enviro-Max, Inc., whom specializes in energy efficient solutions for their customers. Enviro-Max, Inc. has hundreds of years of HVAC experience both in the office and in the field.

For many customers, Operation and Maintenance (O&M) is one of the largest cost items associated with energy infrastructure. Enviro-Max works with companies to design and implement improved HVAC maintenance practices that preserve plant assets and reduce the frequency of equipment failures. We direct customers to preventive and predictive best practices.

Services range from consultation to full service HVAC contracts, or any combination in between. Under a full service agreement, risks and costs, including staff, materials and equipment repair/replacement costs are transferred to Enviro-Max. We utilize proven successful strategies to reduce O&M costs for our customers.

HVAC Service

Enviro-Max uses an Energy Air Rotation System that maximizes and guarantees energy savings while maintaining a less than 1 degree temperature difference from floor to ceiling in your warehouse.

HVAC Service

Enviro-Max installs UVC Lighting into your HVAC system. UVC Lighting has guaranteed low maintenance, energy savings and provides a cleaner indoor air quality. UV (ultra violet) C (short wave) or UVGI (ultra violet germicidal irradiation) is invisible and is mostly filtered out before reaching the earth's surface. UVC light kills mold, fungus, viral bateria, pollen, etc. Cleaner air saves money, time hassle and reduces risk. One example case study had a 10 year savings of $36,690 with a 7.8 month ROI.

Many buildings, especially schools have 15-25% relative humidity levels indoors. This is the PERFECT environment for air borne viral transmission and contagion. Few facilities in the U.S. use UVC lights. Facilities with UVC lights have enjoyed lower airborne viral transmission rates and a higher indoor air quality.

Enviro-Max maintenance experts have installed UVC lighting in our facility and in many of the employees' homes. It has significantly reduced employee absenteeism, provided a more comfortable breathing environment and HVAC equipment still looks like brand new.


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HVAC Service

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