Facility Monitoring and Management

Facility Monitoring and Management

Enviro-Max has experience in integrating all manufactures. Please contact us with questions regarding the monitoring of your current electrical system.

Enviro-Max uses web-based energy management applications that enables the remote monitoring and logging of real time data from any Modbus device on your network. Enviro-Max customizes the best solution for each facility individually.

Our basic package includes PowerStudio:

PowerStudio can be installed on any networked device with UPS backup for 24/7/365 uninterrupted data collection. Once running, users can easily connect to the PowerStudio webserver in order to view any of the real-time or historical data through a standard web browser from any location on your network or even through the internet, if desired.

Key Features Include:

  • Historical data based in central database
  • Software is purchased, owned and managed by the customer. There are NO additional monthly or annual licenses payable and all data resides on the customer’s network
  • Custom screen and report design tools are included, as standard, within REVEAL
  • Ability to link 3rd party applications using XML, OPC, or DDE
  • User-defined calculated variables based on real-time and historical data
  • Alarms and events that can be defined to change variables, record special occurrences, and even alert operators through popups and automated e-mails

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