Compressed Air

Enviro-Max will do full facility studies on compressed air. We will look for leaks using infrared technology, give reports, calculate payback on fixing, then complete the fix for customers. We will also work with facilities to eliminate compressed air systems to try and save energy for a facility.

By fixing leaks in compressed air systems, there are great energy benefits. For example, fixing a 1/8" diameter hole in a compressed air system, can save approximately $1,200 dollars a year in energy. It is worth the maintenance time and costs to fix leaks all over a facility.

Generally, the savings with fixing compressed air will be much greater than other energy savings at facilities.

About 8 HP of electricity is used to generate 1 HP of compressed air.

To estimate costs / year, you can see this formula.

    horsepower (hp)

  • conversion factor 0.746 kW/hp
  • total operating hours per year (hr/yr)
  • cost per kilowatt-hour ($/kWh)
  • % time fully-loaded or unloaded
  • % full-load hp, loaded or unloaded
  • Divide the product by the motor’s efficiency.

Check with Enviro-Max to be sure that compressed air is not leaking money at your facility!

leaking money

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