Asset Management and Commissioning

Asset Management refers to a system or program that monitors items of value that are in a facility; the process of monitoring and maintaining facility systems.Enviro-Max has experience in commissioning and asset management and is looking to expand its presence in this space. Using our REVEAL Software we can track and manage your assets from all or any stage of the Asset Lifecycle. With our commissioning services, Enviro-Max will help educate you on the equipment in your facility.

Facility Monitoring and Management

Enviro-Max specializes in the following types of Commissioning.

Standard Commissioning

Standard Commissioning takes place when equipment is installed, tested, problems are identified and corrected. When a building is initially commissioned it undergoes an intensive quality evaluation process that begins during design and continues through construction, occupancy, and operations. Commissioning ensures that the new building operates initially as the owner intended and that building staff are prepared to operate and maintain its systems and equipment.


Retro Commissioning is the application of the commissioning process to existing buildings. Retro-commissioning is a process that seeks to improve how building equipment and systems function together. Depending on the age of the building, retro-commissioning can often resolve problems that occurred during design or construction, or address problems that have developed throughout the building's life. In all, retro-commissioning improves a building's operations and maintenance (O&M) procedures to enhance overall building performance.


Recommissioning is a type of commissioning that occurs when a building that has already been commissioned undergoes another commissioning process. Recommissioning may take place because of a change in building use or ownership, the onset of operational problems, or some other need. Ideally, a plan for recommissioning is established as part of a new building's original commissioning process or an existing building's retrocommissioning process.

Facility Monitoring and Management

Enviro-Max will assist your business in organizing their assets.

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