Enviro-Max offers Recycling Consulting for their customers. Numerous benefits from recycling include, positive environmental impact such as carbon footprint reduction, LEED/Energy Star accreditation points, tax incentive and other rebates are also available.

Project Examples are included below:

Hachette Book Group,Lebanon, IN

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Mt. Vernon School

Mt. Vernon School Corporation RFP Recycling Fortville, IN

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Refrigerant Recycling

Recover, Recycle, Reclaim Refrigerant

Certified by the EPA, InSolution makes it easy for you and your business to safely and easily recycle your recovered refrigerant. Please contact us to learn about refrigerant buy back programs made easy for your business.

As a result of an international agreement to phase out ozone-depleting chemicals, the federal EPA is forcing a steady reduction of R22 refrigerant over the next 7 years, with production ceasing altogether in 2020.


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