What is a Grant?


- Non-repayable funds received from a foundation, government or state agency, business or individual.

- Most grants are for reimbursement only.

- Grant money can only be used for the specific project you are applying for. Grant recipient must validate the project the funds were allotted for.

Most grants are developed to fund a specific project and require some level of reporting, assessing, record keeping, etc. In order to earn a grant you must submit a proposal and information that is required for that specific grant.

Although grants can be complicated and confusing, Enviro-Max can help. There are numerous types of grants that Enviro-Max has worked with and been awarded. Your project most likely will fit in some type of grant category, our job is to find that grant and begin the collaboration process with you. Grants do take a lot of hard work and dedication. There is never a “sure bet” with grant submission.

If you have a project you think a grant would apply for please contact Enviro-Max for a free consultation. It is best NOT to start anything if you believe your project could have grant potential. With certain grants you must not have purchased any equipment, broken ground, etc. before starting the grant process. Although some grants you can apply for after your project is complete. Enviro-Max will assist you with the best options for your project.

Research and Development: Do you have an idea that you think would be great for your business, operation, etc., but you are unsure if it will work. There are R&D Grants that are perfect for these types of projects.

Enviro-Max is partnered with Sarah Aubrey – owner of Prosperity Consulting, LLC. Sarah’s company aids her clients in achieving prosperity for their organizations. They are a full-service funding opportunities firm, which aids entrepreneurs, communities, universities, trade associations and cooperatives in obtaining funds through the use of government or foundation programs. Click here to visit Sarah’s website for more information.

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