Careers at Enviro-Max

Whether you are looking to become an engineer, consultant, salesman, office manager, driver, or even do something different in the energy conservation world. Enviro-Max has a good fit for you and is always looking for top talent in all fields.

Enviro-Max takes pride in hiring the right employees to do a job and believes in autonomy to help get the best results. Enviro-Max believes that employees that have the freedom to do what they need on their own time schedule is a necessity in today's workforce.

Enviro-Max believes in the value of not only a productive workforce, but also building a strong team. Enviro-Max does many team building activities throughout the year. Previously, we have had a Softball Team, attended many Pacers and Indianapolis Colts games, and went to the Indianapolis 500 and much.

Engineering & Design

At Enviro-Max, we are always looking for new HVAC and Green Energy help. We are continually looking to excel in new markets and new areas. Read more to see what Enviro-Max can do for your engineering career.

Operations & Support

While Enviro-Max is growing as a company, there is a growing need to support the business as it grows. The company has been around for over 30 years and is always looking for new talent to help run the operations and keep the business fluorishing.

HVAC and Industrial Sales Force

Enviro-Max has needs to grow their footprint. By 2013, Enviro-Max had done business all over the country using HVAC. With the ever changing needs of our company from HVAC, Enviromental, Commercial, and Industrial. We are always looking for strong salesman that can be a good addition to our team.

Marketing & Communication

Marketing is very important to Enviro-Max. as we move into the coming years, we are looking to expand our marketing presence. Please contact us regarding marketing opportunities at Enviro-Max

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