About Enviro-Max

Leading provider of comprehensive energy solutions

Enviro-Max is a leading provider of comprehensive energy solutions, energy management systems including engineering, design, consulting and implementation of energy-efficient projects, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply and risk management. We optimize facilities with innovative technology that will lower energy and operating costs, while improving the indoor environment. We manage the project through design, installation and monitoring. We will arrange for financing as we guarantee that savings will cover all project costs.

Enviro-Max was founded by Dave Andress. Andress had successfully owned and operated one of the leading Design/Build HVAC firms in Indiana for over 20 years. As he became more conscience about energy and the potential savings he could provide clients, Andress envisioned a company that would provide turnkey, comprehensive energy solutions while delivering guaranteed savings.Enviro-Max is that company. Andress, together with several members of his previous team, created Enviro-Max. Enviro-Max is committed to long-term customer partnerships. The history proves it.

Energy Efficiency in your Facility

Beginning with energy assessments and continuing with pre- and post- energy verification, Enviro-Max analyzes the required data for our established Design & Build Process. There are multiple energy efficiency opportunities available. These opportunities include Supply Side, Demand Side and the interaction of the Supply and Demand.

Supply Side || The passive energy efficiency objectives are more efficient generation, cleaner generation and more efficient distribution. Moving generation closer to the user (distributed generation) eliminates losses making production more efficient. This may include green alternatives, such as solar, wind and thermal combinations.

Demand Side || The active energy efficiency objectives are more efficient use and conservation. These are the most economical beneficial opportunities to save energy. Energy Efficiency is the best and cheapest method of reducing energy costs. We specialize in designing and upgrading facilities to decrease their demand side load, reducing their utility costs.

Supply & Demand Integration || With both Supply and Demand Integration, there are many active energy efficiency programs that automatically meter and monitor to shed and manage loads based on utility needs and customer costs. In this process, the key to implementation is the understanding and analysis of ongoing information and changes.

Clients experience a number of benefits with Enviro-Max energy solutions. These advantages are recognized economically, environmentally and operationally.

Enviro-Max works to decrease operating costs, enhance assets, value and profits while improving employee productivity and satisfaction. Upgraded systems run with less repairs and downtime. Property value and marketability rise with energy initiatives. Job creation and retention increase through overhead reduction. Energy savings potential is estimated at 15-70 percent. Whether the objective is to reduce operating costs, lower overhead, improve production or save energy, Enviro-Max offers a wide-range of benefits to help you reach your goals.

Environmental Stewardship

There is a growing awareness today of the way buildings impact people's lives and the health of the planet. North America has historically posted the highest per capita energy use in the world. Commercial buildings are major consumers, whether the energy is used primarily for heating (in the North) or cooling (in the South). There are many program that emphasize green building practices including the U.S. Green Building Council and Energy Star for Buildings sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. The goal of these programs is to foster healthy, environmentally responsible workplaces.

Sustainable design and construction practices can significantly reduce or eliminate the negative impact of buildings on the environment and occupants in five primary ways:

  • Sustainable site planning
  • Safeguarding water and water efficiency
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Conservation of materials and resources
  • Indoor environmental quality.

Enviro-Max incorporates many of these sustainable ideas in our daily engineering and design practices to promote whole-building, integrated practices. We can also certify your building to receive the Energy Star label or provide LEED consultation.

Results are key to our success. It doesn't matter what you say you will do, it matters how you do what you say. All our relationships are long term and we treat each customer like a client and not a number. Utilizing our specialized Design Build approach and engineering analysis we create successful energy efficiency upgrades and improvements for our clients.

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